January 31 – Imbolc Celebration

Sparrow F. Alden, 6:30 PM

This holy day in the neo-pagan tradition resonates with Candlemas, Groundhog Day, and the Feast of St. Bridget. At Imbolc we nurture the seeds within ourselves and explore our inner landscape – as Libby Vesilind and I have said to one another, “Not our plans, but our dreams.” If you wish, please bring old candle ends which have served most of their usefulness to be melted down to a Unity candle. We will share a beautiful Fire Communion ceremony; if the weather permits, there will be a few minutes of outdoor time. Everyone will leave with a new candle lit from a Peace Candle, with which to re-kindle the fires of their home hearths.

Participants are more than welcome to observe the old tradition of bringing all their new candles for the year to have them blessed.