Committee Report on Two Sunday Services

At its meeting on Jan. 9, 2014, the UUCUV Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from the Sunday Services Committee to hold two services on Sunday mornings, at 9 am and 11 am, with a social hour between 10 and 11. The first two-service Sunday will be Feb. 2. Below is the report of the Sunday Services Committee:

Sunday Services Committee Report for the Board Meeting on January 9, 2014

The Sunday Services Committee has spent several meetings discussing the possibility of the two Sunday Services.  Early on we all agreed that there was a need.  We do not think it is welcoming or safe to frequently have a sanctuary that is 90-95% filled. After talking about many different possibilities we asked for congregational input at the service on January 5.

We began with a proposal for a service at 9 and 11 with a coffee hour in between.  At the meeting there were suggestions for a late afternoon service or services at 9:30 and 11:30.  The choir strongly prefers to participate in the earlier service so they can have a rehearsal with a piano. There was some discussion about contemplative services.

The committee wants to support Patience, Linda, and Sparrow, all of whom are willing to participate in both services and also support the choir that is an important part of our congregational life.  We also think that both services need to have similar content to promote congregational unity and not to overwhelm the committee or the staff.  We also want to encourage congregational unity by having both services on Sunday morning.

Either two religious education opportunities for children or one RE time plus childcare will be held on Sundays.  Two RE times are preferred.
    On lay led Sundays, a lay leader would (probably) not wish to lead two services.  Sparrow is available to assist the committee, either providing a multigenerational service or leading an adult contemplative service at the non-lay-leader time with a volunteer RE leader or a childcare provider with the children.

We believe this is a temporary emergency plan until the beginning of the summer.  We are concerned that without more resources we will face a similar situation in the fall.  If the situation continues, the congregation needs to be more involved in future decisions.

We have the following recommendations:

  • Starting on February 2 and lasting until June 15, two services of similar content would happen at 9 and 11. The choir would be part of the first service.
  • Sunday Services Committee will work closely with the Communications Committee and the Office to be sure they have the information they need to inform the congregation about parking, childcare and RE, and congregational unifying activities including coffee hour. Clear roles on these tasks will be necessary.
  • Other congregational activities to build community might be necessary, but need to be organized by others.  Potlucks or other social activities might be considered.
  • Careful planning needs to happen with the teams who support Sunday Services.
  • RE or childcare during each service.
  • On lay led Sundays, two different services probably will need to be planned. Possibly a contemplative service can happen during one of the services.

If you want to read more about the Sunday Services committee recommendations, the February call will have a summary and the website will have a link to the report. Your input on this change is welcome now or later when you have an idea or concern.  You can email Bonnie Kawecki and she will pass your thinking to the appropriate committee or person. She can also e-mail you a copy of the report. Other members of the Sunday Services committee, Margaret Robinson, Paul Schmidt, and Terry Rosenmeier are also happy to talk to you.