Volunteer Participation on Sunday Mornings

We’re changing to two Sunday services beginning February 2!  This means that we will have expanded opportunities for your participation on Sundays.

Are you a musician?  We have opportunities for musicians, instrumental or vocal, at the 11:00 am services.

Are you interested in an alternate form of service?  The second service on lay-led Sundays is available for alternate formats, such as meditation, discussion, or singing services.  We have opportunities for those who would like to design and lead these alternate services.

Would you like to do the opening words, do a reading or light the chalice?  We have opportunities during all services for this form of participation.

Please let us know how you would like to participate.  We would love to have more people involved as we move to two service.

— Bonnie Kawecki, Paul Schmidt, Margaret Robinson, Terry Rosenmeier, Reverend Patience, Linda Hoover and Sparrow Alden