February 16 at 9 &11AM–“What Are We Doing to Serve? And Why?”

Multiple Speakers

On this Sunday we will celebrate all those who have long been engaged extensively and unobtrusively in a diverse array of social actions in our community.  We will hear from a diverse few about what motivates them to serve in the ways they do and about the rewards they have found in community service and action.  These two services will share and celebrate the results of the recent congregational survey of our community service and social action activities with different voices at each service.  Phil Kern, Lonnie Larrow, and Mare Wallace, who conducted the survey at the behest of the UUCUV Board, will host the services. They guarantee that you will be inspired by the depth of commitment and generosity of spirit that flows among us.

Child Care available both services; Religious Education for children at 10 AM.