Dark Moon Celebration

Are you traveling?  Caught at home during inclement weather?  Just content to be cozy at home?  To celebrate the dark of the moon alone or just with family, here are some things I do:

  • sit in the dark, fully aware of it, breathing it in, listening to my own feelings of anxiety turn to peace and then to wonder
  • name and welcome forces of darkness – that can be name of gods I have heard (Washer, Kali, Hecate for example) or natural phenomena (Night, Sleep, Death, dark matter) or human experience (stillness, sleep, sadness, mystery)
  • In my dark space, then I light a candle (I love candles in the snow!)
  • I tell a story of escape, success, or heroism that was made possible by the dark, moonless night or by deep shadows or fog.
  • Then, I try to look inside.  Some seeds germinate only in the dark – what is quickening within me now?  How can I nurture that possibility?
  • I like to have either art media or writing tools at hand so I can honor the thoughts that have come to me by responding to them.
  • I always thank the guides and stories and companions which have joined me.
  • Then I get back to normal time and space with some kind of food – water, pomegranate (with thanks to Persephone), mushrooms-and-onions, soup.  Of course vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, but that’s considered appropriate for all occasions!

Enjoy the Dark of the Moon, friends!  ~ Sparrow