January 28: Living with Dementia

10 AM with guest speakers Rev. Jane Dwinell and her husband Sky Yardley

“Living with Dementia” is a straightforward, first-person look at what it’s like to live with dementia. Rev. Jane Dwinell. retired UU minister, and her husband, Sky Yardley (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016 at age 66), share what their life is like now, and give hope for those who have or may have dementia. They live in Burlington, VT with their son, Sayer, and his partner, Emma, where they like to garden, play on the lake, engage in interesting board games, and take in a round of disc golf whenever possible. Hoping to help erase the stigma of this disease, Jane and Sky have a blog where they share their experiences: alzheimerscanyon.blogspot.com.

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