On Eating Blueberries With Chopsticks

A couple of months ago, I began an experiment in changing my dietary habits.  Various parts of my life and my body were out of balance, and I longed to feel more control and mindfulness about the food I take in.

Among other things, I have chosen to limit sweet foods such as fruit, and to stick to the most nutrient-dense fruits, such as blueberries.  They’re delicious, round, and blue – I am certainly not depriving myself by choosing them foremost!

In order to slow down my intake, to eat them mindfully to feel full instead of in a gorging manner, I started eating them with chopsticks.  I’m no good with chopsticks; ask Grace sometime about The Chopstick Story from when we were courting.  Eating blueberries with chopsticks can be funny, or it can be elegant, delicate, and oh, so flavorful.

Slow down.  One at a time.  Make every bite an occasion.  Savor.

I hope to try this with moments, too.