September 23: What Do Our Children See?

10 AM with Rev. Jan Hutslar

How can we be a truly intergenerational community, support our children, their families and their educational lives? How can we be the village it takes?

We will offer a blessing of the backpacks for all children and youth.  Both children and teachers will be honored at this service.

*Children: Please bring your school bag, backpack or lunchbox to church that morning!

September Theme: What does it mean to be a people of vision? This month, in worship, religious education and small group ministry, we will be focusing on the theme of vision.

As Unitarian Universalists, we know that one vision isn’t enough. As clear as our perspectives may be, we all know by now that none is complete.  To see the entire view, we need everyone’s vantage point.  And maybe that’s the most important vision of all this month –of a playful people exchanging visions and helping each other encounter new and larger worlds. A people who don’t just ask each other “Are you staying true to your vision?” but who also say with a smile, “What new vision is calling to you?”