May 5: Vulnerability: A Powerful Tool for Social Engagement

10 AM

Our guest speaker on May 5 is Pati Hernandez.  She is a mother, an activist, dancer, puppeteer, and a Dartmouth College adjunct professor. Originally from Chile, she immigrated to North America in 1983. Her professional focus is the exploration of political and social problems through the arts. She is the creator and facilitator of Telling My Story, a program she developed in correctional facilities and rehab centers in Vermont since 1999. One venue of the program is the classes she has developed at Dartmouth College since 2005.  The film, Its Criminal is one result of those classes.  That film will be shown at UUCUV this Friday at 7:30 PM.  

This Sunday will be a Shared Plate collection to support the organization Telling My Story, a non-profit that aims to break down walls between socially isolated individuals and their communities through collaborative creative engagement using theater and other arts. Its programs develop self-awareness and communication skills with populations behind visible and invisible social walls such as those created by incarceration, addiction and poverty. Through writing and performing, people behind walls are empowered to reclaim their own voices and strengths.