Essential Workers Meeting House Use Policy

Amendment to Covid-19 response policy:

The sanctuary and meeting house will be open to congregants on an as needed basis for essential services, to include:

  • attending to building and grounds
  • receiving mail
  • processing payments
  • assisting with technical support for Sunday services
  • pre recording music for Sunday services
  • maintaining the library

Anyone who enters the building will:

  • if possible, advise Rachel ahead of time if there will be more than one person coming in, so that she may put it on the calendar
  • wash or Purell your hands upon entry
  • sign in to a log book
  • wear a mask if there are other people in the same room
  • maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from other people, if possible
  • wipe down touched surfaces before leaving

Amendment approved July 22, 2020.

Original Covid-19 Response Policy:

The Board is unanimous in the opinion that our highest priority during this time of uncertainty is to take care of our congregants, and keep them safe. With this in mind, Mugs made the following motion, seconded by Mitch, and unanimously approved by the Board:

➢ UUCUV will close our building for all nonessential functions, effective immediately and continuing until April 30, 2020. At that time we will reassess the situation.

Pursuant to the closure, these changes will take effect:

  • ●  Sunday Services will be held remotely, using the ZOOM app.
    • The Board approves the purchase of the app, with one license for general UUCUV use and one license for Jan for ministerial functions.
    • The Inspiration team will continue to meet remotely – their creativity will be vital as we transition to virtual services! They will assist at Sunday service from their own homes.
    • A tech person will be assigned to Jan to assist with Sunday Service.
  • ●  Small group meetings will either be postponed, take place via ZOOM, or utilize otherremote platforms at the group’s discretion.
  • ●  Outside groups that use the sanctuary or farmhouse for meetings will be advised thatthey may no longer do so.
  • ●  All rentals will be cancelled.
  • ●  We will request that our cleaning crew discontinue cleaning the sanctuary until furthernotice. In order to keep them employed, we will request weekly cleaning of thefarmhouse, using more deep cleaning techniques to protect our staff.
  • ●  Staff will be invited to work from home, whenever practicable.Approved by the UUCUV Board on March 15, 2020.