“Looking Back, Looking Forward” 2023-24 Pledge Drive

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We are entering our annual stewardship campaign here at UUCUV.

 Which is when we focus on the intangible gifts we receive here,

 and the tangible financial  contributions we offer

 to keep this community alive and thriving.

 As individuals that make up the communal whole-

 we are stewards of this community.

 We are stewards of this sanctuary, this land, the values we hold dear.

We are stewards of a collective commitment to a better world.

 And of our history.

And the people who came before

and their vision

and their stewardship.

We are stewards of the children here and those to come.

We are stewards of possibilities.

 We are stewards of each person and each story.

 We are stewards of resilience.

We are stewards of this beloved, ever-changing community.

We are stewards of these smiles.

Make your financial Pledge here: Pledge Form