How We Get Things Done

Volunteers fill many roles at the UUCUV to carry out the day-to-day operations which fulfill the mission of the congregation.  Short term task forces and longer term committees fulfill our belief that many hands make light work!  To contact any operations group, please email the Office; Rachel will forward your message to the current point person.

Communications:    The office is our central hub for communicating to the congregation and greater community.  Click that link to be added to any distribution lists.

  • What’s Happening This Week is our main channel for events and timely news.  When it arrives in your email, please take five minutes to read it and mark your calendar or respond to inquiries.
  • Our newsletter, The Call, is produced quarterly as an overview of congregation life and activities. Deadlines for articles are on the 15th of February, May, August, and November. It is emailed as a pdf or mailed as hard copy. Back issues may be found here.
  • This web site includes material for visitors and long-time members alike.  Our Mission, Vision, and Covenant are housed here so seekers can get to know us and so that we can keep them in front of us as we do the work of the congregation. Program descriptions can be found here as well as in-depth posts which were linked from The Weekly Blast
  • We use the Valley News and the Norwich Listserv and the Upper Valley Listserv to communicate events broadly to the community.

Hospitality:  Provides a warm welcome, sets up our lovely space, and hosts coffee and refreshments following the Sunday services.  Hospitality Teams serve for one month each year.  List of responsibilities.  Team Leader Responsibilites

Investment Advisory Committee – Board Appointed:  Monitors the congregation’s long term investments and reports to the board quarterly.

Library:  Maintains the UUCUV library, and acquires, catalogs, processes, and tracks library materials through lively work sessions.

Meetinghouse:  these hands-on folks take care of our physical plant.

Membership:  Welcomes newcomers and visitors to the UUCUV, fosters interest in, and growth of, membership. Helps members and friends find meaningful ways to participate in congregation life.  Visitors who would like to become more connected, fill in a Blue Contact Sheet to ask for contact from the minister and to get the Weekly Blast.  Fill in a Yellow Contact Sheet to get a name badge, newsletter, enter the directory, and join a Hospitality group!

Pastoral and Caring:  Lay-pastoral folks reach out to members and friends with visits and calls, relying on the advice and help of the minister; Caring folks offer fellowship, rides, and casseroles.  If you need some care of any degree, please don’t hesitate to contact our minister.   If you can lend a hand  now and then, won’t you let us know how you’d like to help?

Sunday Services:  Oversees Sunday Services, working with the minister.  This group specifically crafts, plans, orchestrates, and conducts services when the regular minister will not be in the pulpit, calling upon both outside speakers and those from the UUCUV congregation.

Ways & Means:  Making the Way Meaningful is our goal, with community building as much of a focus as raising funds. We seek and implement creative, fun ways to raise money while providing opportunities for fellowship within the UUCUV community and interaction with the Upper Valley at large. Schedules events; recruits, coordinates, and motivates volunteers; publicizes activities; tracks progress. This year the committee is “driven” by an ad hoc group of doers.