Our Mission, Vision, and Covenant


We strive to be a joyful, inclusive congregation that nurtures spiritual and intellectual growth for everyone while encouraging lives of service and integrity.


We, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley, unite:

To provide diverse gatherings with music, ceremony, dialogue and joy in support of each other’s spiritual well-being;

To maintain an active program of religious education for adults and children;

To find ways for each of us to participate in activities that will provide fellowship, be intergenerational, and serve the wider community;

To sustain our vitality toward building a sanctuary and increasing our membership;

To fulfill our commitment to be environmentally responsible;

To fulfill our commitment to be a Welcoming Congregation;

To be a positive influence in the world;

To welcome all who share our mission and covenant.


UUCUV Covenant

We covenant with each other to speak and act with thoughtful intentions, compassionate truthfulness, and constructive encouragement, in order to build and nurture a loving and supportive environment where all will feel safe to explore our spiritual truths.


UUCUV_Covenant_of_Right_Relations (proposed: to be voted on at the June 3, 2018 Annual Meeting)