A New Meetinghouse

0-2deckheadAs we celebrate our thirtieth year, we, the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley, acknowledge that our lives have been transformed, often significantly, by our experiences in this faith community. Whether adults or children, leaders or participants, long-timers or fairly new, we recognize and value the profound and life-changing impact of UUCUV services, programs, and ministry.

Drawing PerspectiveNow we are at a moment of unique opportunity and responsibility with implications that will reach far beyond today. We are poised to realize our dream of creating a building that serves our spiritual needs and assures the brightest future for our children and generations to come. We are ready to insure that there is a place for all those in the Upper Valley seeking a welcoming, liberal faith community.

Mindful of the significance of this opportunity, we have held numerous congregational meetings, talked with members and friends, gathered information, consulted experts, asked questions and shared ideas. We have examined our heritage, looked carefully at our services, programs and ministry, scrutinized our finances, and reviewed our mission, vision, and covenant.

1-gatherThis good work brought us to vote unanimously on December 14, 2014, to proceed with plans to build a new Meetinghouse with room for all of us to worship and enjoy fellowship together, and to undertake a Capital Campaign to support it. This new facility will increase our capacity for all our programs, including Religious Education. It can also be an asset to the Upper Valley, as a place for speaker forums, concerts, soup dinners, and more. Our new Meetinghouse will be a new home for the mission of today’s UUCUV, and ensure the strength of our shared values for generations to come.

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