Our Needs

Since becoming our minister, the Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard has helped this congregation refocus on our Meetinghouse needs. In August 2013, she spearheaded a work weekend that engaged many congregants in cleaning, painting, and repairing the current meetinghouse. In the fall of 2013, she inspired a majority of members to come together in a day-long planning and visioning session called “the Path to the Future”, to discern what were the most important next steps for the congregation to take to deepen its mission and fulfill its potential.  One of the conclusions that day was to begin laying the groundwork to determine if this was the time to build a new Meetinghouse.

Two successive task forces worked through the winter and spring to bring together all the work done by earlier building committees, assess the site, and discuss present and future space needs of the congregation. 2-as-tranquil

At the Annual Meeting in the spring of 2014, the task forces’ work culminated in a presentation to the congregation and a vote on whether or not to proceed.  The vote was unanimously,” Yes!”, and has been followed by two more enthusiastic, unanimous votes to continue on this path.

Members of the UUCUV have identified a comprehensive set of program requirements that define the essential needs to be met by a new building, as well as a wish list of design features:

  • A space in which we can all worship together, that is conducive to contemplation, meditation, and reflection, and is flexible in configuration for both worship and fellowship.
  • A simple, accessible, energy efficient structure that integrates as much of the original Greek Revival farmhouse as possible.
  • Spaces for Religious Education, with places to display art and expression; and a nursery.
  • Suitable acoustics for our music offerings and for all speakers.
  • Support spaces, including kitchen facilities, accessible bathrooms, and storage.
  • Offices for the Minister, Religious Educator, and Administrative Assistant.
  • Organized outdoor space for fellowship, worship, and children’s play.
  • Space for our library, and for smaller group meetings.
  • A design that anticipates growth, and meets current building codes.

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