Circle Suppers

Pot luck meals for four to ten people in members’ homes.  The schedule varies – you can sign up here to join in (other activities, too!).

Game Night

All ages welcome, once a month on a Friday night for games and a relaxed social setting.  Games start at 6pm in the library and adjoining areas and usually last until 8:30 or 9.  Have a chance to play new games such as Survive!, Splendor, King of Tokyo, or Dixit, old favorites such as Risk or Scrabble, or bring your own favorite game to share.

Living Fully with Limits Group

The minister facilitates an open and on-going bi-weekly group for those for whom aging or illness have changed the patterns and choices of daily life.  We share readings, personal frustrations, lessons learned, and spiritual practices in our continuing search for personal growth.  If you are interested, but haven’t yet contacted our minister, Jan, please email her at minister@uucuv.org.

UUCUV Women’s Group

Women’s Group has met since 2005 and our goal has remained the same – to relax, get to know each other better, and to keep it simple!

We gather at Sally Page’s (In Quail Hollow, directions follow)* on the fourth Monday of each month. For those who want to sup together we meet by 5:30 (eat at 6) for a simple pot luck salad meal. Just bring some ingredient(s) to add to a pot luck salad. Peppers? Sunflower seeds? Lettuce? Cukes? Tomatoes? Bread? Salad dressing? Not a lot. Just enough.

Those not choosing to eat will come at 6:30.

Once we are fed, and others have arrived, we move to the living room and take time for brief check ins to share how our lives are going. Here, and throughout the evening, the right to reticence will be honored and confidentiality respected. We then have a discussion generated from suggestions from the group. The evening generally includes a good belly laugh, and though we don’t try to resolve each other’s problems they seem lightened by sharing.

We will be mindful of those coming from a distance and break up by 8:30.

*Quail Hollow is on route 10 south in West  Lebanon.  Sally’s place is on 14 Arbor Court.

From CVS Pharmacy in downtown Hanover, go 1.3+ miles south on route 10.
Turn right on  Quail Hollow Drive and proceed down the hill.
At the stop sign turn right on Lily Lane and then a quick right again on Arbor Court.
 #14 is  in the middle of the U shaped drive.  Number is to the left of the garage door
Other info for Sally Page:
Call 653-5344
14 Arbor Court