Welcoming Congregation

The UUCUV is recognized as a Welcoming Congregation, a voluntary program that reflects our belief to the inherent worth and dignity of every person, regardless of sexual  orientation or gender identity. Learn more about the program at the UUA web site.

Our congregation spearheaded Vermont’s effort to pass the country’s first civil union legislation in 2000.  The UUCUV has made a special effort to learn about, grow with, and celebrate our members, friends, neighbors, children, and fellow travelers whose gender identities challenge traditional expectations.

We celebrate and support families of every constellation.  Children’s religious ed materials are carefully vetted to show that every kind of family is a place where people are loved and safe, from single folks living alone to multi-generational, multi-affectional families with kids from all over.

We use the Our Whole Lives curriculum at every age level as a supplement to Sunday morning religious ed, not in place of it.  The bonded, closed groups of our OWL classes happen on a long calendar rotation – please email Sparrow to learn about current classes and plans!