April 15: Dying: It’s Not All About You

10 AM with Cappy and Mark Nunlist

Death is not just an event. It is a process that starts at birth and becomes more intensive as we reach the end of our life span. This process involves family members and other loved ones, caretakers, medical personnel, and has profound financial consequences. The service will raise questions as to the proper role for each of these participants in one’s death.

The service will be followed by a workshop that will provide the opportunity to explore the questions raised. It will be facilitated by Cappy Nunlist, Mark Nunlist (a retired family practice physician) and Lori Fortini (D-H Aging Resource Center Program Leader and D-H Honoring Decisions First Steps Facilitator).

Simultaneous children’s religious education

April 8: Resistance and Renewal

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

The Passover Story is an important story that reminds us of the importance of resistance and renewal.  In this time of rising authoritarianism, what are some things we can do to resist this trend and where can we find renewal to keep our faith alive and continue striving for justice and freedom.

Simultaneous children’s religious education

April 1 (Easter Sunday): Surprised by Joy

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

Sometimes, when life seems darkest, something unexpected can bring joy.
Easter morning is but one expression of that universal, and often inexplicable, experience which we will celebrate today.

Simultaneous children’s religious education

Please note:
There is an Easter Sunday Pot Luck lunch after the Service on April 1, 2018.  Please come and celebrate the coming of spring and the holiday of Easter.  This has become a UUCUV tradition.

March 18: Dismas: House of Reconciliation

10 AM with guest speaker Sue Buckholz

Dismas of Vermont is dedicated to reconciling prisoners with society and society with prisoners as they reach the end of their incarcerative sentences.  DOV operates three houses – one in Burlington, one in Rutland and on in Hartford Village – where men and women leaving prison on furlough can reintegrate into the wider world, can live in a family atmosphere and reconnect with family as well as the community.  We invite everyone to come and be part of our mission!

Simultaneous children’s religious education

March 11: “Let It Be A Dance: a Celebration of Belonging”

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard
“A good relationship has a pattern like a dance” wrote Anne Morrow Lindberg.  This Sunday we will welcome new individuals into the dance of membership and hear from other members about the difference this has made in their lives.

Simultaneous children’s religious education

11:30 Tea with the Board –with Lori Fortini, Judy Munger, and Mugs Johnston; Childcare provided.

11:45 RE Roundtable
Welcoming Young Families!  So many of us hope for lovely, energetic, fun new families to become part of our congregation, let’s talk about being a welcoming place.  We will address the issue of expectations of children’s behavior in public and how we respond to excited kids and stressed parents.  All welcome especially if the topic makes you uncomfortable.  We will leave with concrete small tasks to do to grow in community awareness.  Childcare provided.

March 4: Our Money/ Ourselves

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

While it is relatively easy to talk in generalities about how our values relate to the way we use and think about money, in practice it is much harder to connect them. Today’s talk will explore some of the many contradictions and paradoxes that often bedevil our relationship to and with money.

Simultaneous children’s religious education


February 25: Unitarianism and Our Partner Church in Northeast India

10 AM with Polly Gould and Claudia Kern

To Nangroi–“Keep Progressing”

UUCUV has been partnered with the Unitarian church in Mukhap, India since August of 2008. Who are these people of the Jaintia Hills of Northeast India? How did there come to be 10,000 Unitarians in this remote corner of the world? How do the villagers of Mukhap live their lives in answer to the call to “Keep on Progressing”? In what ways are our basic spiritual values similar and dissimilar? What is our vision for building deeper and stronger connections with Mukhap in the next ten years? Join us for a fascinating and inspiringglimpse of our fellow Unitarians on the far side of the world.

Simultaneous children’s religious education

February 11: Love Is the Doctrine

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

If love is our doctrine, what should we be doing? Sparrow pointed out to me that three of the current priorities of this congregation — the continuation and strengthening of the Restorative Circles Group, the Right Relations team to create a new covenant of Right Relations for this congregation, and the formation of a new Social Justice Committee/Team are all ways of working to put our collective love into action. Where are we now in this work and where do we hope to go in the next few months and beyond?

Simultaneous children’s religious education

ANNOUNCEMENT of Congregational Meeting to be held on February 11, 2018

In accordance with the Bylaws of the UUCUV, the Board of Directors will hold a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, Febryary 11, 2018 at 11:30 am.  This meeting is called in respponse to request form a group of members and friends who met on Social Justice issues on January 21, 2018.  The Meeting will consist of a single issue on whether we should put up the “Black Lives Matter” sign outside of the UUCUV Meeting House.

The Motion is: The Board asks that the UUCUV members approve the display of a “Black Lives matter” sign outside of the Meeting house.

We hope that everyone will be able to attend this meeting to vote.  While the UUCUV does not allow for proxy votes, if you are not able to attend, you are invited to write a note in agreement or in opposition to the Motion.  Please direct your note to the Board prior to the meeting by email or mail and the notes will be read at the meeting to have your opinion stated.

Child care will be provided.  Please contact a member of the Board if you have questions.