Partner Church

The UUCUV is a member of the UUA’s Partner Church Program.  Our partner chuch in Mukhap, India exchanges mail and photos with us, and they’ve recently dedicated a beautiful new church building!  We are privileged to join our friends in Mukhap by sponsoring the educations of some of the village children.  Come to church and ask how to join in!

Principles of the Unitarian Faith of the Khasi People: Unitarians of Northeast India For over 100 years

We believe:

•In ONE GOD who is FATHER and MOTHER of all our humankind and in the brotherhood/sisterhood of us all.

•In the forgiveness and in the love of GOD.

•That man is not a wretched and failed creature, but is a son of GOD, and that man keeps progressing in good and respectful life.

•In eternal life and progress of the soul.

•That Jesus was a Great Teacher (not God, but “Son of God” as all humans are children of God); and in the two main commandments: “To love God and to love fellow humans.”

•In the great Leaders of other Religions too.  (With the understanding that God expresses His own truth in other Prophets or Religious Leaders as He did in Jesus.)

•That the Bible is the writing of God-searching people which has truths in it, and at the same time, because it was written by people from memories of legends, it also contains errors in it.  Therefore, we accept the truths that we find in it, and reject those things that are untrue [and also] present in it.

•That the books of other Religions are also good and helpful to us towards better knowledge about God.

And here’s more information about the Khasi Unitarian churches of India (pdf).