Minister Search: Current Status

From the Ministerial Search Committee:  Joani Nierenberg, Grace Alden, Kathy Christie, Leah Goat, Maureen McNulty, Bob Riccio, and  Mandy Ruest

Feb. 7, 2018

We have begun the precandidating phase of our search.  During this phase, we host a few specially selected ministers for a weekend each in the Upper Valley. We wine and dine them (okay, have a potluck!), give them a tour of our beautiful community, conduct a formal interview and have many conversations. Finally, we listen to them conduct a full Sunday Service at a neutral pulpit.
We are delighted with how much information we are able to ascertain by this process and are confident we will be able to make an informed decision when the time comes.
Jan. 24, 2018

It has been an incredibly exciting week for the Search Committee! After reviewing 11 Ministerial Records, scouring the same number of websites and watching sermon after sermon on You Tube, we narrowed our search to 6 individuals with whom we conducted phone/video interviews. It was terrific to “meet” them via the wonders of technology! They all had a lot going for them, but three stood out as potentially having that special something that might make them a great fit with our congregation. We have invited these three to meet the search committee in person for several in-depth conversations and interviews, and tours of our Meetinghouse and the community. As we have explained, the Search Committee still needs to guard the absolute privacy of identity and process of these precandidates, so they will have no contact with the congregation.

New Ministerial Records are still coming in, and we will vet each as they arrive, but for now we are very happy that we have three strong prospects!