May 28: Remembrance, Sacrifice, and Patriotism

10 AM Service

The congregation will share personal reflections on the meaning of these words, and the service will be interwoven with musical interludes played by Aarne Vesilind and the brass and wind ensemble of which he is a member.

Simultaneous children’s religious education.

Please note: All kids in Religious Ed should be prepared to go outdoors for the rest of the summer!  

– insect repellent
– sunscreen
– long PANTS that have been tucked INTO SOCKS
– hats
– water bottles
All these things are the parents’ option, but the group will not be kept indoors by someone unprepared (Miss Sheena will have one set of extras for a first-time visitor)

May 21: Uprooting the Seeds of Islamophobia

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

Throughout American history Muslims have been a part of America and Islam recognized by its leaders. Recently there has been a directly funded attempt to poison the respect for this world religion.   How can a deeper understanding of the roots of this new Islamophobia help us understand our Muslim neighbors and counter the misinformation that fosters it?

Simultaneous children’s religious education

May 7: Drawing the Circle Wider

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

Increasingly many of us are becoming more aware of how white supremacy has been woven into the very fiber of our white-dominated society and worldview. How might some of what we are learning about Restorative Circles provide some guidance about how to move our community toward a more multi-cultural and anti-racist future?

Simultaneous children’s religious education

Spotlight: Ministerial Search 2018

The UUCUV is about to commence the year-long process of calling a settled minister so that our dear developmental minister Patience Stoddard can return to retirement on July 1, 2018.  The UUA will help us out by being a central place for searching ministers to learn about us and by introducing us to two folks to work with us directly:

  • Deb Bergh, of the Burlington, Vt., congregation will be our advisor on how the process goes, and she took the opportunity to speak with the congregation on April 8th, taking questions and speaking at length with the board. 
  • Nancy Chaddock, former District financial officer and member of the Plymouth, NH congregation will help us figure out a competitive and attractive compensation package

Most important to the congregation will be that the process is fully supported by all members; therefore, it’s a transparent general process.  The congregation voted in February to officially begin the search process.  To maintain the confidentiality of candidates and to keep our community from the hazard of squabbling over details, our first step is to form a small group – the Ministerial Search Committee – which operates with closed confidentiality about day-to-day happenings and the identities of candidates. 

Our bylaws specify that the search committee will consist of seven members: five selected by the Board and the Committee on Ministry, and two by the membership. The committee should represent the diversity of the congregation in terms of demographics, length of membership, and participation in the life of the church.  The whole slate of seven names will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in early June.  In our conversations with UUA staff and advisors, one aspect of a successful search committee keeps getting repeated. That is, trust. The seven who are chosen must carry the trust of the congregation in representing its interests in a search process that can call a minister with a consensus vote.

Summer will be spent preparing applications and information about the congregation. We’ve already done a good amount of the work required in this stage.

Eligible ministers gain access to our information on  Nov. 30, and begin making contact directly with congregations. By January, preliminary interviews are underway via Skype or telephone, and the committee should have a short list by early February.

The committee uses February for spending time with candidates and listening to them preach from “neutral pulpits,” where committee members can observe a service led by the candidate in a setting that respects the candidates need for confidentiality.

The Search Committee will introduce their final candidate for a week in late March or early April.  The finalist leads Sunday services at UUCUV on two consecutive Sundays and spends the intervening week meeting with congregants and committees.

The second Candidate Sunday concludes with a Special Meeting of the congregation and vote to call the minister. All searching congregations make formal offers to their finalist on a the same day.  If the best candidate for UUCUV is not found, the Search Committee will have a range of possible recommendations to the congregation, but if all goes well we will find our new minister to begin in the summer of 2018.

– Bill Brawley, Co-President

This article in its entirety can be found in the Spring 2017 newsletter.