April 7: The Mush of Transformation

10 AM with Rev. Jan Hutslar

April Theme: Wholeness

Transition and change rule the flow of life.  Wholeness is not returning our lives to their original state but working with what is, to make something new.  The shards are not pieces of a puzzle that needs put perfectly back together, but building blocks waiting to be molded into a yet-to-be-imagined form. To be made whole again is to be reorganized, not restored.

As odd as it sounds, we were meant to be broken, broken open to be exact.  Over and over again, our faith reminds us that nurturing our personal wholeness is only half the game. The equally important part of life’s journey is about participating in the wholeness of world!

March 31: Trans Day of Visibility

10 AM Service led by Reese Kelly

11AM – stimulating coffee and conversation!

11:30 – Not Quite Narwhal, a brief skit by the RE kids

12:00 – Brown Bag DISCUSSION: Teachable Moments from the UU World’s Trans Article, facilitated by Lauren Strauss, CRE, cis-woman. Bring your lunch and your uninhibited questions.  Lauren will chat with cis-folks who want to ask stuff without causing pain to trans-folks.  Ask anything!  This is the pronoun discussion, this is the athletes discussion, this is the discomfort discussion. Much has been published in the last ten days to help us perceive and process the recent UU World article about Transgender inclusion.  If we can each read any two or three of these, and we mix it up so that each article gets read by a few people, we will be ready.

12:00 – Activity for folks who would feel pain from hearing the uninhibited questions (discussion?  movie?  knitting circle?  contact Sparrow with ideas) 

1:30ish – Take a Moment to Breathe; Love Yourself; Find Joy in Movement – a movement class with Mary Chris DeBelina Doyle, MFA, choreographer.  Come be in your body; every body welcome; all abilities and levels welcome; YOU are welcome!  This class begins with your breath, and we will work from the inside out, ending by dancing together, appreciating the differences and similarities of us ALL!