Religious Education

Religious Education: strong and intentional faith development

At the UUCUV, we have programs for Children, Families, and Adults and you can always find out what’s coming up here!  Our community encourages one another along our spiritual paths throughout our lives.  The UUCUV is proud to be a Welcoming Congregation, celebrating all family constellations in our Religious Ed programs.  

Children’s Faith Development:  Sunday Mornings

We support parents by nurturing children in a safe environment where they are encouraged to explore religious and ethical values and gain the skills necessary for lifespan faith development.  Kids’ faith development begins early, when they learn that their loving parents still exist and will come back even when they can’t be seen.  It’s never too early to supplement parents’ teachings!

Register for Sunday Morning RE to join the parents’ mailing list, to allow us to administer first aid until parents can be summoned, and to plan the appropriate number of human and material resources for the program.

We create a dynamic curriculum tailored to a range of learning styles inspired by our core UU principles and drawn from our sources.  We celebrate that children learn through activity and stillness, music and conversation, wondering and following role models like our Honored Guests who join us from among the caring adult members of the congregation.

Our curriculum rotation follows these themes:

  • September & October: Unitarian Universalist Identity
  • November & December: World Religions (affirming our congregation’s life as a partner church)
  • January & February: Justice and Anti-Bullying (reflecting the Welcoming Congregation work of the UUCUV)
  • March: Music & Story (because sometimes winter is a little bit too long)
  • April, May & June: Spirit in Nature (a cornerstone of our Green Sanctuary work)

 Special Programming:

Safety Policy

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Sparrow F. AldenCredentialed Religious Educator

Sermons from Sparrow:

Please email Sparrow with any questions, comments, or thoughts!