Elementary Age Religious Education

Learners of elementary school age are on a beautiful inner journey.  They have a curiosity and a drive to find out about the world which leads them on great explorations!  Our curriculum this year is called “Holidays and Holy Days”, and it’s all about finding the common threads between our UU faith and the faith traditions of all our friends and neighbors.

Sheena Morris, our certified childhood educator, brings Spirit Play to the elementary aged children; she attended a special training in June of ’16 and is excited to share her new learning with her friends.  Spirit Play is a storytelling method based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori.  Beautifully prepared materials express the story, and children have a variety of media with which to respond to it.  The classes use a very stable structure to move from communal greeting and attending the story to intense individual work and a re-gathering of the group for closing ritual.  Please find out more about Spirit Play methods and philosophy by following this link.  Parents in this classroom will share the duties of assisting as Doorkeeper.

Everyone in the Spirit Play classroom follows a covenant of behavior.  Sometimes we slip out of our agreement, and the teacher will give individuals private time to think about the covenant and decide when they are ready to rejoin the community.

  • I seek love in you
  • Treat everyone as they would like to be treated
  • Be nice to one another
  • Be kind to Nature
  • Be respectful of the classroom and the things within it.

Religious Education classes extend a bit longer than the worship services, so parents have chance to grab coffee and a quick word with other grown ups before joining the closing circle.