Guidelines and Logistics


  • All adults and students agree to foster an atmosphere of respect and learning by living by our principles:
  • We respect ourselves, our fellow students, and our teachers;
  • We are fair and kind to each other;
  • We accept and learn about one another;
  • We come to Religious Ed with an open mind, ready to learn;
  • We take turns speaking and make sure everyone has a chance to be heard;
  • We work and play as a team;
  • We care for our classroom, our supplies, and the grounds.
  • Teachers fairly and consistently keep the classes moving cooperatively and constructively on their paths of learning.


  • On Sunday mornings, we meet at the UUCUV Meeting House at 320 Route 5 South.  Nursery Care for little ones and Religious Ed for middle and big ones are provided at 10:00
  • Parents of Nursery-age children may take their babies and toddlers directly to the nursery if they wish.  Nursery parents must sign their children in indicating their own location in the building.  They are encouraged to stay with their children as long as is best for the child.  If Little One seems upset when you depart, know that the sadness usually ends within two minutes; the Child Care providers will follow your guidelines about coming to find you.
  • When families first arrive, your outdoor gear goes in the coat room, including mittens and boots (slippers are fine for indoor wear).  Children can then quickly go out on a class walk if the occasion arises!
  • Families who arrive late are expected to deliver their children directly to the teachers, and not allow children to be unsupervised.
  • Parents are always welcome to escort their child to class and to stay and participate.
  • Please let us know of any medical alerts for your child.
  • Parents, please pick up your children by fifteen minutes after the service ends so teachers can get their coffee!
  • Regular attendance encourages class bonding and strong Unitarian Universalist identity.  Please help your child attend Sunday School.
  • Visitors are always welcome!  Please fill out a Blue Sheet at the Welcome Table so we may be in communication with you.  Talk with Sparrow directly or email her at to find the answers to some of your questions.
  • By the time you have enjoyed three visits, please register your family with the CRE by using the form on this page.  Registration gives us medical information, gives the CRE permission to treat minor injuries, and allows us to plan for the proper number of leaders and materials.
  • We encourage parents and all adults to engage in religious dialogue with children.  The Order of Service bulletin will contain RE information for the day. Also check the RE Welcome at the Information Table, look for classroom handouts, and make sure your child is registered to know what’s happening in class.
  • Our Sunday School depends on volunteers from the congregation.  If you have been with the UUCUV for more than a year, please share your time and talent in the classrooms, on field trips, or behind the scenes.
  • We often go outdoors to learn from Nature; neat play clothes and seasonal outdoor gear are appropriate for Religious Ed.

Safety and Community:

  • Religious Education leaders have undergone background checks.
  • In case of fire drill or emergency, all students and teachers walk to the Children’s Garden.  Parents will sign out their children there.
  • It is unsafe to behave boisterously in the Meeting House.  Parents are responsible for supervising their child’s behavior.  All parishoners are responsible for following and enforcing safety rules.
  • Children sometimes make a joyful noise when it is least expected.  We accept them as they are, we support them as they learn how to be in community,  and we offer sincere empathy to parents.