Junior and Senior Youth

Religious people in grades 6 through 12 deeply need connection with one another and with the ethics and worship of our faith tradition.  Multigenerational worship, attendance at regular services, and service with young children in the religious ed program are all part of developing one’s faith identity in these years.  Our Junior and Senior Youth have primary responsibility for The Children’s Garden and its local food pantry donations!

The whole Youth and Junior Youth group sponsors the secondary education of a student at our partner church in India.  Our current fundraising project is a cookbook – email education@uucuv.org for your copy!

March is Hospitality month with Sam as our leader

In June, we celebrate our accomplishments, the fabulous Coming of Age kids, and our graduating Seniors with a Youth-designed, Youth-led worship service.

Junior Youth  will have monthly coming of age activities as well as participating in Youth events.  Make sure you’re registered to receive emails about upcoming activities.

Senior Youth Group is a self-governing body with the power to change the world one really delicious meal at a time.  Friday activities are the center of this group’s program.  Make sure you’re registered to receive emails about upcoming activities.

Hospitality Spreadsheet for Youth