Sunday Preschool and Nursery

Welcome to Nursery & Preschool!

Our littlest learners work on the fundamentals of a spiritual and ethical life:

  • I care for myself because I have inherent worth and dignity
  • I act caringly toward others because they do, too!

We use the image of our Flaming Chalice and the ideas from our Seven Principles as the touchstone of the children’s activities from yoga to a taking-turns game to cloud-gazing on the back lawn.  The Preschool ritual always includes lighting the chalice together and expressing our joys and concerns.

Jennifer Albee and Emma McGonigle lead the class with music, stories, and activities to develop children’s prosocial behavior.  Parents may always stay with their own children and a child’s readiness for the Preschool group is a cooperative decision of the child, the parents, and the class leader.  Parents take turns assisting in the classroom.

Religious education for babies and toddlers reinforces the basic messages of the first years of life:  “You are always safe, you are always loved, Mamma and Daddy will return.”  These developmentally appropriate learnings are not only cognitive achievements, but the foundations of a healthy faith.

Who is caring for our children?  Anyone who is wearing an official “UUCUV Baby Snuggler” button has been background checked and trained by Sparrow – these folks are happy to walk the halls with a crying little one or run with a bouncy toddler while tired parents fill their spiritual wells.

For safety and comfort,

  • Parents may always choose to stay with their babies.
  • Babies should arrive at the Nursery with a clean diaper; child care providers will not change diapers, but will call parents as needed.
  • If it’s nice, we try to go outside.  Little ones should have their own bug stuff and sunscreen and protective gear.

For any questions, please email Sparrow.