Music is a vital part of our Sunday services. Through our singing and our instrumentalists, music brings a profoundly spiritual dimension to our religious practice.


We have an active choir program, run by Music Director Linda Hoover. The choir typically performs twice a month, with practice for that service’s featured piece taking place that morning, before the service.  We are always happy to have new singers joining the choir.  Periodically there is also an “Open Choir” Sunday when anyone can show up that morning early to join in putting a song together for that service.

Bell Choir

As of 2018, we have a glorious hand bell choir!   They normally practice every Tuesday at the church and perform on selected Sundays.  There may be room for a new member if you are interested!


Jennifer Yocom, a wonderful local music leader, joined our staff in 2018.  In addition to supporting the choir as an accompanist, Jen also provides music for services on Linda’s off Sundays.

Other Musical Opportunities

We like to offer a variety of music for services, so occasionally we feature the talents of members or local folks who play guitar, recorders, tubas, flute, cello, violin….or who sing independently of the choir.   If you are willing to perform during a service, we’d love to have you! Please contact Linda Hoover for more information (