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Here is a recording of the March 22 2020 Zoom service. It is unedited–as we don’t know how to edit it yet–there is 5-10 minutes of confusion at the beginning–but we will get better and here is a start!

Finding Hope in a Time of Adversity; A Chaplain’s Quest–Guest Speaker Rev. Nancy Bird Pellegrini–02-23-2020

UUCUV – Finding Hope In A Time Of Adversity

Resilience, Reverence and Revenue: Believing in the Possible: Rev. Hutslar & UUCUV Board–02-16-2020

UUCUV – Stewardship 2 – 16 – 20

Bending Without Breaking: Reflections on Resilience–02-02-2020

      UUCUV – Bending Without Breaking     

Compassionate Communications–01-26-2020–Rev. Olivia Holmes

      UUCUV – Compassionate Communication     

How Shall Integrity Face Oppression–Rev. Hutslar–01-19-2020

      UUCUV – How Shall Integrity Face Oppression?     

Living Integrity of this Faith Tradition–Rev. Jan Hutslar–01-12-2020

      UUCUV – Living Integrity Of This Faith Tradition     

The Soul of Integrity–Rev. Hutslar–01-05-2020

      UUCUV – The Soul Of Integrity     

A Child’s Christmas in Wales–Congregation–12-29-19

      UUCUV – Child’s Christmas In Wales     

Awestruck at Winter Solstice–Rev. Jan Hutslar & Congregation-12-22-19

      UUCUV – Awestruck At Winter Solstice     

Winter Stars–Julie McIntyre-12-15-19

      UUCUV – Winter Stars – Julie McIntyre-     

The Path of Reverence and Throw Away People–Rev. Jan Hutslar–12-8-19

      UUCUV – The Path Of Reverence     

Loaves of Gratitude: A Taste of Community–Rev. Hutslar–12-1-19

      UUCUV – Loaves Of Gratitude     

It Doesn’t Have to be a Blue Iris–Rev. Hutslar–11/17/19

      UUCUV – It doesn’t have to be a blue Iris – Rev. Hutslar     

Stretching Toward Each Other: Transylvania to Vermont–11-3-19

      UUCUV – Stretching Toward Each Other: Transylvania to Vermont     

Stories of Love–Reverend Sawyer–10-20-19

      UUCUV – Stories Of Love – Rev. Sawyer Edit     

Lose Yourself, Find Yourself. Everywhere, in Everything–Rev. Jan Hutslar–10-13-19

      UUCUV – Lose Yourself, Find Yourself…     

Faithful Expectations–Rev. Jan Hutslar & David Nierenberg–09-15-19

      UUCUV – Faithful Expectations 09 – 15 – 19     

The Healing Waters of Community–Rev. Jan Hutslar–09-08-19

      UUCUV – Healing Waters Of Community     

Sparrowfest–A Celebration and Bon Voyage to Sparrow Alden, DRE, MA

      UUCUV – Sparrowfest 09 – 01 – 19 Edited     

Note: Musical performances removed due to copyright concerns

Standing at the Gates of Hope–Rev. Jan Hutslar–08-18-19

      UUCUV – Standing At The Gates Of Hope     

What Gives Me Hope About the Environment and Climate Change–Ginger Wallis 08-04-19

      UUCUV – What Gives Me Hope 04 – 08 – 19    

Please note that due to technical difficulties this recording begins after a short portion of the service has passed.

The Holocaust and Hope–Phil Kinsler 07-07-19

      UUCUV – The Holocaust And Hope                                      

Reflections on the Meaning of Hope–Cappy Nunlist–6-23-19

      UUCUV – Cappy Nunlist – -Musings On Hope And Stories     

      UUCUV – Karen Watson – An Oasis In The Swamp     

The Larger Circle–Steve Gordon & Rev. Jan Hutslar–06-09-19

      UUCUV – The Larger Circle     

Spiritual Co-Conspirators: The Beauty of This Religious Comunity–Rev. Hutslar–06-02-19

      UUCUV – Rev. Hutslar Sermon Spiritual Co – Conspirators The Beauty Of This Religious Community     

Holy Curiosity–Rev. Jan Hutslar–5/26/19

      UUCUV – Rev. Jan Hultslar–Holy Curiosity–5/26/19     

The Joyful Installation of Rev. Jan Hultslar– 5/19/19

      UUCUV – Jan Hultslar Installation Entire     

Children’s Service–4/28/19

      UUCUV – Children’s Service     

Easter Sunday–4-21-19

A Sacred Meal–Sparrow Alden, CRE, MA

      UUCUV – A Sacred Meal – -Sparrow Alden, CRE, MA     

The Love That Will Not Die–Rev. Jan Hutslar

      UUCUV – The Love That Will Not Die     

Thrufters and Cheap Seducers–4-14-09–Bob Lucier

      UUCUV – Bob Lucier Thrufters And Cheap Seducers     

The Mush of Transformation–4-7-19–Rev. Hutslar

UUCUV – April 7: The Mush of Transformation     

Trans Day of Visibility–3/31/19–Reese Kelly Homily

      UUCUV – Trans Day of Visibility–Reese Kelly Homily     

India Travelers and Lessons Learned

      UUCUV – India Travelers 1     

      UUCUV  India Travelers 2         

Step Lightly on the Earth — 03/17/19

Dr. Nick Warren–Sustainability

      UUCUV – Dr Nick Warren Sustainability     

Rev. Jan Hutslar–Step Lightly on the Earth

      UUCUV – Step Lightly On The Earth     

Rev. Hutslar–All Who Wander are Not Lost–03/10/19

      UUCUV – All Who Wander Are Not Lost     

Sparrow F. Alden, MA, CRE–The Hero’s Journey: Truth and Myth

      UUCUV – The Hero’s Journey: Truth and Myth     

Rev. Hutslar–How Faithfully Our Lives are Delivered–02/17/19

      UUCUV – How Faithfully Our Lives Are Delivered 02-17-19     

Nancy Weis– Is it True What They Say About Love?–02/10/19

      UUCUV – Nancy Weis Is It True What They Say About Love     

Judy Williams–On Trust in Troubled Times–02/03/19

      UUCUV – Judy Williams Sermon: On Trust 02 – 13 – 19     

Rev. Hutslar 1-27-19: Another World is Possible: The Legacy of MLK

      UUCUV – Another World Is Possible: The Legacy of MLK     

Ellen Bettmann, Speaker, If Not Now, When? – 01-13-19 ©

      UUCUV – Ellen Bettmann–If Not Now, When?    

Rev. Hutslar-1-06-19-A Story for All Ages

      UUCUV – A New Way To Listen     

Rev. Hutslar-1-06-19-The Possibility of Enough: How Shall we Feed our Spirits?

      UUCUV – 01/06/19–Rev. Hutslar–The Possibility of Enough: How Shall we Feed our Spirits     

Rev. Hutslar-12/30/18-The Darkest Night of the Year

      UUCUV – Rev Hutslar–12/23/18–The Darkest Night of the Year

Transcending Mystery-Rev. Hutslar-12-16-18

      UUCUV – Rev. Hutslar – Transcending Mystery 12-16-18  

On Mystery– 12/2/18–Claudia Kern, Leader

      UUCUV – On Mystery – Claudia Kern, Leader  

Harvest of Memories–11-25-18

      UUCUV – Harvest Of Memories 11 – 25 – 18–Frederick as told by Rev. Hutslar     

      UUCUV – Harvest Of Memories 11 – 25 – 18 –The Transcendentalists     

      UUCUV – Harvest Of Memories 11 – 25 – 18 Joseph Jordan And Annie Jordan Willis     

      UUCUV – Harvest Of Memories 11 – 25 – 18 – The Browns  

In Memoriam–11-11-18

      UUCUV – Rev. Hutslar- In Memoriam – 11 – 11 – 18

Transformative Memories-Cappy Nunlist, Leader, 11-4-18

      UUCUV – Cappy Nunlist Intro 11 – 4-18     

      UUCUV – Memory Service 11 – 04 – 18 – Susan Gillotti     

      UUCUV – Memory Service 11 – 4-18 – Eva Smith     

      UUCUV – Memory Service 11 – 4-18 – Frank Gould     

      UUCUV – Memory Service 11 – 4-18 – Phil Kinsler  

  Rev. Jan Hutslar Introductory Sermon – Beginning Again for the Millionth Time 8-19-18

      UUCUV – Rev. Jan Hutslar: Beginning Again for the Millionth Time     8-19-18