Minister’s Welcome

Love is the doctrine of this church

The quest for truth is its sacrament

And service is its prayer.”

I remember the first time I heard these words.  I was attending a Sunday service in yet another kind of church in my dimming hope to find an approach to faith and religion that was broad enough, accepting enough, to welcome not only me but those I loved who ranged from atheist to evangelical Christian, Quaker to Hindu.  These words were the first sign that perhaps I had finally found a spiritual home. 

I want to welcome you to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley (UUCUV).  Whether you have been a part of a UU congregation before or simply are wanting to try out a new and different kind of church, you are welcome to join us for one or many services.  I think you will find this congregation particularly warm and welcoming.  And you may rest assured that whatever your faith background, your ethnicity, your sexual orientation or gender identity, you will be accepted and appreciated.   

Our Sunday Services begin at 10 AM every Sunday and there are other opportunities for spiritual inspiration and intellectual challenge.  Children are welcome too.

I would be pleased to talk with you on the phone, or through email if you would like to ask specific questions about Unitarian Universalism or this congregation.

I consider myself very fortunate to be here.  I hope you and others will consider visiting us to see if this is the right community for you and your family. Whatever your path up to this point, you will find fellow seekers here who wish to share their insights and discoveries with you and to learn from yours.

– Patience

Please reach the Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard at or by calling the office at  (802 649 8828).