Your Child’s First Sunday

On  your children’s first Sunday with us, they might be excited, curious, reluctant, or blasé.  Knowing what to expect can help your children feel confident and positive.  Here are our guiding principles for getting settled into Religious Education: the parents know best; parents may always stay with their own children

  • When you arrive you’ll see friendly greeters who will help you get a name badge.
  • If your child struggles through transitions, get the friendly greeters to hook you up immediately with Sparrow.  They will give your child a tour of the religious education spaces, introduce the caregivers or relevant religious ed teacher, and let your child get to know the space quietly before the rest of the kids arrive.
  • 10:00 AM:  Families begin worship together in the Meeting Room.  We’ll share a hymn and kids collect food for our good neighbors at The Haven, after which kids leave for child care or religious education.
  • Religious Education is about an hour of stories, songs, and activities which support learning how to make ethical decisions, identifying with UU values, and becoming a member of our congregational community.
  • Parents may let their children leave for RE, may accompany them to the classroom and drop off there, or may stay with them for as long as the child needs.
  • If the children are age 6 weeks to 3 years, they will get special care!  The UUCUV Baby Snugglers are on the job!  We ask parents to drop off little ones in person so you can sign your children in, give any instructions, indicate where you will be during the service, and make sure your children’s diapers are clean to begin with.
  • Parents return to pick up your under-8-years children by 15 minutes past the service.  Come sit in our goodbye circle!

Please feel reassured:  Clean and modest play clothes are appropriate for Religious Education; we occasionally serve vegan snacks; and our program is free for the joining!

Sparrow wants to meet you!  Please do hang about as children are being picked up, it will be her pleasure to learn about your family’s journey.