Your First Sunday

Please know just how welcome you are!  Step right in, the friendly greeting people will help you get a name badge sorted, will show you to the Sanctuary, and will give you an Order of Service bulletin so you can follow along with what comes next in the service.  If you would like to receive the weekly email about upcoming events or be contacted by the staff – chat with the minister, ask questions of the religious educator, find out more from the choir director – fill out a blue half-sheet of contact information.

Arrive just before the events you want to participate in – we’re happy to see you!  If you are coming with children, we’re delighted to meet them too.  Please click this link to find out about your child’s first Sunday.

10:00 AM – The service traditionally starts with the chalice lighting – the flaming chalice is a symbol of hope and Unitarian Universalism worldwide.  There will be plenty of music, an important part of our worship. Children and adults begin the service together; after a story, the children collect donations of personal care items and pantry food for our neighbors who use The Haven’s food pantry, then proceed to their religious education activities. There will be opportunities to share personal joys and concerns; either the minister or a guest speaker will give a sermon, or individuals will share thoughts or poetry worthy of contemplation. The service concludes with announcements, including an opportunity to introduce yourself (which is not a requirement!).

11:15 AM – Fellowship time – there will be fairly traded coffee and a snack table to linger over as we talk about the service and get ready for any lunchtime or afternoon events. Grab a blue coffee mug to signal that you’d like to chat with someone. Look in the announcements to find out if there will be a discussion of the sermon, an Issues Forum, a workshop, or a new visitors’ lunch.  If you’d like to linger for an event or simply re-fuel before you travel on, please bring your lunch to enjoy indoors or out in our beautiful wooded yard.