Self Care Workshops Begin Jan. 13

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Mitch Beck of SafeArt and the UUCUV will be presenting a three part workshop (via zoom) presenting self-care techniques that help us to calm our nervous systems and to move through stressful times in a way that is gentler to our bodies, minds and spirits.  She will be offering two time slots each day in hopes of fitting everyone’s schedules.

Thursday January 13th–10 to 11:30 and 6 to 7:30

Thursday January 27th–10 to 11:30 and 6 to 7:30

Thursday February 24th–10 to 11:30 and 6 to 7:30

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These workshops are free and everyone is welcome!

Part 1–What Is The Vagus Nerve and Why Do I Care?

Learn about the vagus nerve and its important functions in the body.

Learn simple techniques on how to “tone” the vagus nerve to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and to calm our bodies.

Part 2–Exercise and Movement

Learn how exercise and movement can help move trauma and stress out of our bodies.

Learn about the benefits of bi-lateral stimulation.

We will be using some Qi Gong videos from YouTube that you will be able to use on your own.

Part 3–Anyone Can Engage In Creative Expression

Learn how using creative expression can help move stress and trauma out of the body.

We will spend a bit of time actually doing some art.  This art has nothing to do with whether you can draw or not.  It is about engaging with the process and having fun. Please bring some paper and drawing implements such as colored pencils, crayons, markers etc.

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SafeArt is an organization of trauma-informed practitioners who engage creative expression, mindfulness, movement, social action, and connection to the natural world. We promote community wellness, healing and social change in Central Vermont, the Upper Valley and beyond.


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