“S” Meditation

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Settle in and sit securely, squiggle until still. Slide your eyes close, breathe smoothly. Hands slide to your lap, clasped softly: “Soft…..Secure…..BODY- BE STILL” Hands rise to your heart, cupped gently: “Surround…..Soothe…..HEART – BE SILENT” Hands stretch above your head, … Read More

“Fire Circle” by Mitch Beck


About a year ago the element of fire became very important to me.  I created a traveling altar that was decorated in fiery colors and had some quotes and words about transformation in it.  I was taking it to NM … Read More

Metta/Loving Kindness Meditation


Metta/Loving Kindness Meditation or Praying for Thine Enemies Settle into a comfortable position with both feet on the floor or sitting cross legged. Let your eyes gently close. Allow your breath to flow freely, gently becoming deeper and slower. Let … Read More