UUCUV’s COVID-19 Response Policy

Revised July 28, 2021

The Board recognizes the need to maintain our facilities and continue various functions requiring the use of our building AND we are cognizant of the social and spiritual need for in person contact at the sanctuary. The Board also recognizes our responsibility for the health, safety, and privacy of our staff and members of the congregation. As the course of the pandemic evolves, so must our policies.  While we encourage all of our community to get vaccinated when they are able, we recognize that there are members of our community that will not be vaccinated and others for whom the vaccine will have limited protective effect.  Thus, we are continuing to utilize other infection mitigating measures to do everything within our control to limit the spread of the virus within our community.

**Sunday services will continue to be virtual for the time being**

Meetinghouse Use

Purpose: To allow UUCUV groups to meet INDOORS or OUTDOORS at the meetinghouse at the discretion of the group with the following restrictions and stipulations: 

  1. Attendees must assess themselves for COVID symptoms and potential exposure prior to attending. Stay home if:
    1. You have ANY symptoms that could be due to Covid-19.
    2. You have travelled internationally or travelled to a Covid “hotspot” within the last 14 days.
  2. Each group will come to its own consensus as to whether to meet in person  at the meetinghouse. We ask and expect the group to take into account the concerns and comfort level of each group member in deciding to meet at the meetinghouse. Try to address the needs and concerns of all people in the group and be willing to go back to virtual meetings if in-person meeting does not work for everyone in the group. 
  3. ALL participants must be over the age of 12. 
  4. There will be a maximum of 25 people meeting at any one time. 
  5. Advise Rachel ahead of time, if possible, so she can put it on the calendar.
  1. Sign in to the log book for contact tracing. 
  1. Regardless of vaccine status, everyone in attendance will initially:
    1. don masks in the building
    2. remain at least 6 feet apart (ideally more if hearing is not an issue for anyone in the group)
    3. avoid sharing equipment (such as a laptop or phones) or utensils. 
    4. Hand sanitizer should be used upon arrival and departure. 
    5. If everyone in the group agrees that they are comfortable with not wearing masks or maintaining six feet distance,THEN the group can elect to relax these restrictions within the confines of the group. Please resume wearing masks when coming into contact with others not in your group.
  2. Singing, shouting or playing wind instruments is not allowed in small group gatherings. 

For the purpose of recording or performing live music for the Zoom Sunday service, singing will be limited to a maximum of two people, who have mutually agreed to perform together.

Rentals will be limited to a maximum attendance of 50 people in the sanctuary.  Attendees are not subject to UUCUV restrictions (ex:  regarding singing) but are expected to follow current CDC guidelines and state of Vermont guidelines.  

Please note that this policy replaces the policy adopted by the Board on March 15th, 2020 and revised on July 22, 2020 and February 7, 2021. 

Third revision June 21, 2021.

Fourth revision to include rental provisions July 28, 2021.