As of May 16, 2023

The Board recognizes that the Covid-19 situation is changing within our community and throughout the country.  It has evolved from a pandemic to an endemic disease that will be with us for a long time.  The Board also recognizes that masking is still the best way to protect each other from disease.  With both these thoughts in mind, we are changing our Covid policy to RECOMMEND but no long REQUIRE masking.  If you are symptomatic with any signs that could be Covid, please stay at home.  If you know that you have been exposed to the Covid virus, we ask that you refrain from joining us for a week, even if you are not displaying symptoms.

We plan on continuing all other mitigating measures, including operating air filters and fans, keeping windows and doors open whenever the weather permits, using hand sanitizers and keeping distance whenever practical.  Please respect each other’s different risk/comfort levels and opt for keeping the most vulnerable amongst us safe.