“Fire Circle” by Mitch Beck


About a year ago the element of fire became very important to me.  I created a traveling altar that was decorated in fiery colors and had some quotes and words about transformation in it.  I was taking it to NM with me when I went at Christmas time to support me through some rough grieving times.  I brought it in to show Rev Jan.  She lent me a very special small wooden chalice that fit the theme perfectly, that a dear friend of hers made for her.  When the grieving gets hard I hold that chalice over my heart.  It is that chalice that is the centerpiece of my circle.


Project Note: Recently some of our members joined a Norwich Historical Society-led effort to have community folks make small paintings on circles to be displayed as a mural at Dan & Whit’s, answering these questions: 

What brings you hope during this time?  

What are you grateful for right now?    

Who or what’s in your circle?