What is Religious Exploration at the UUCUV? 

Each week during services, we provide child care for toddlers and older children downstairs in the nursery. Books, toys and ready-to-go activity trays are prepared for this time.

Older children are invited to join us upstairs on the first Sunday of each month, where we will hold a special, structured Spirit Play lesson and activity. These are Montessori-style stories and activities exploring a range of spiritual and ethical topics in harmony with UU principles. This hour will also have free play time using prepared activity trays, stories, and child-friendly chalice lighting and sacred sharing. 

We are growing: we hope to extend the meaningful RE experience of Spirit Play into additional weeks of each month as our numbers—of children and of volunteers—grow. 

For more information, contact Jennie Lou Harriman or Kirsten Ward.

Jennie Lou:  drejharriman@gmail.com

Kirsten: wordstowards@gmail.com