Please contact us at with rental queries.

Covid-19 restrictions: Attendees are not subject to UUCUV congregational restrictions but are expected to follow current CDC guidelines and state of Vermont guidelines.  


Sanctuary: $200 for up to 4 hours. Additional hours will be charged at $50/hour with a maximum per day fee of $400. For multi-use contracts (at least 4 times in any 12 month period) the fee is $100/4 hours with additional hours charged at $25/hour to a maximum of $200/day. 

Extra tables and chairs are available. Seats 100.

We do have wi-fi.

We cannot offer the use of our sound equipment or other A/V equipment at this time. You would need to bring any equipment you needed.

Parking for events is limited. Please note that between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays there are only 12 spaces available for parking in our lot. After hours and on weekends you are welcome to use the lots next to ours and across the street. Please make sure attendees do not park on our neighbors’ grass. If the lots are filled, you may also park on the north side only of Palmer Court.

Charges for weddings and funerals are determined by the Minister.

At the discretion of the minister, self-help groups, non-profit and social justice organizations will be charged a $50 facility use fee instead of the normal fee.

UUA, UU District, and UUCUV sponsored events will not be charged. 


Kitchen: Adjoins the Sanctuary. You are welcome to use the Kitchen for serving beverages and prepared finger foods. The coffee urns and the refrigerator may be used. All other appliances are solely for the use of the congregation.


Library: $30 for the first hour, $20/hour thereafter. Seats 8 around table, a few more in the room. Extra chairs available.