Meditation: Sanctuary

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Find your sanctuary space in today’s guided meditation. Learn the technique that invites your intuition and imagination to come into play.

Bring all your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) online as you develop your creative abilities. 

Being able to ‘conjure up’ a sanctuary space is wonderful at bedtime but on many other occasions as well. You might start with a known natural place or a safe interior space but use the questions to allow the space to magically evolve into just what you need.  Return often to your first place or exercise your powers of imagination by calling up very specific sanctuary spaces for different times and places! 

You might be surprised to find your usual cozy cabin replaced one night by a freezing igloo! Or your Hawaiian hammock dissolved and you are afloat in the middle of the South Sea with a vast night sky your only light. Your friendly visitors might evolve beyond animals and ancestors allowing angels and mythical creatures access. 

Let the space be a remedy to the confined and crazy world that seems to be the ‘real world’ we are living in. This is a place of healing and delight…enJOY!