God as Adverb: Here and Now


Written by the community of UUCUV on June 20, 2021

Walking, suddenly
the air is filled with a fragrance
like honey.
Watching clouds,
puffy white clouds floating Me along.
The first bite 
of the first warm
field ripened strawberry;
strawberries in a waterfall;
eating wild strawberries with dogs running to each precious berry.
Picking strawberries-
a connection to home.

The birth of my daughters.
My sons.
Holding my new grandchild.
Bailey’s creative mind.
Ethan’s graduation.
Picking up grandson from first year of college.
Playing softball.
Jumping on the hotel bed with mom and best friend
after college interview.
Laughter with Mama.
Loving my family.

Meeting Ella in the parking lot
and falling in love.
Connecting with all living things.
Snowshoeing with the husky pup;
morel mushrooms;
Peepers, fireflies, dappled leaves
Mt Rainier;
Skipping rocks with Jonathan on the beach.

The smell of bacon and coffee;
cold sweet ice cream on a hot day.
Having my body sung by friends.
The exhilaration of dancing with freedom.
Singing in the salt mines 400 feet underground
in Poland, voices vibrating the earth.

Swimming in the ocean.
Eagle flying over our new home 
on the Abenaki Trail.
Seeing dolphins.
Finding the moon in the sky.
Sacred Hopi clowns.

A wild ride on a flexible flyer
on a dark night
on an icy road
at age 60.
Making poetry.
The desert stars singing:
You Belong.
A bald eagle overhead.
Running through the sprinkler in the dark.
Finally hugging mom after quarantine.
Walking the beach with a black headed gull beside me 
for company.
Deliciously insignificant.