Summary: Currently if you do not have to enter the building to do essential church-related tasks, you are expected NOT to enter the building, regardless of your vaccination status. Congregants may meet in groups of 10 or less outdoors on the grounds according to the guidelines below. New policies will be posted here as they are formed in response to the evolving situation.

Use of the Meetinghouse for Essential Purposes:

The sanctuary and meetinghouse will be open to congregants on an as-needed basis for essential services, to include: 

  • attending to building and grounds 
  • receiving mail 
  • processing payments 
  • assisting with technical support for Sunday services 
  • pre-recording music for Sunday services
  • maintaining the library 

Anyone who enters the building will: 

  • if possible, advise the office administrator ahead of time if there will be more than one person coming in, so that she may put it on the calendar 
  • wear a mask as soon as they get out of the car, in case they encounter another person in the parking lot or entryway 
  • wash or Purell your hands upon entry 
  • sign in to a log book 
  • continue wearing a mask if there are other people in the same room 
  • maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from other people, if possible
  • wipe down touched surfaces before leaving 

Amendment approved July 22, 2020 / Revised and approved Feb. 7, 2021

Current Policy Regarding Small Group Gatherings: 

Purpose: To allow internal church groups (NO outside groups) to meet OUTDOORS at the meetinghouse at the discretion of the group with the following restrictions and stipulations: 

1. Each group will come to its own consensus as to whether to meet outdoors at the meetinghouse. We ask and expect the group to take into account the concerns and comfort level of each group member in deciding to meet at the meetinghouse. Try to  address the needs and concerns of all people in the group and be willing to go back to virtual meetings if in-person meeting does not work for everyone in the group. 

2. ALL members must be over the age of 18. This policy does not apply to youth groups.

3. There will be a maximum of TEN people meeting at any one time. 

4. Members in attendance will don masks as soon as getting out of their vehicle, remain AT LEAST 6 feet apart (ideally more if hearing is not an issue for anyone in the group) and continue to wear a mask at all times. There should be NO sharing of any equipment (such as a laptop or phone) or utensils. Hand sanitizer should be used upon arrival and departure. 

5. Attendees must assess themselves for COVID symptoms and potential exposure prior to attending. Stay home if ANY symptoms are present or if anyone has travelled to a Covid “hotspot’ within the last 14 days. Please be rigorous in your determination of a “hotspot” – report ANY travel outside of VT or NH to the group members to help them access their level of comfort in meeting in person. 

6. The meeting host or coordinator is responsible for keeping a log of all meeting attendees and transmitting that log to the office administrator within 24 hours for her record-keeping purposes. This is for the purpose of contact tracing should that be necessary. 

7. Those meeting are strongly urged to use their own rest room facility prior to coming to the meetinghouse as we would like to avoid ANY need to enter the meetinghouse. If anyone finds it absolutely necessary to enter the meetinghouse to use the restroom facility, the meeting host is responsible for wiping down with a disinfecting wipe ALL touched surfaces. This includes door surfaces as well as bathroom surfaces (toilet, sink, faucets, door knobs). 

8. In the event of inclement weather the meeting will disband – there is NO authorization to move a meeting indoors at this time for any group purpose. 

Please note that this policy supplements the policy adopted by the Board on March 15th, 2020. Any aspect of that policy that is NOT specifically addressed by THIS new policy remains in place. 

Approved July 22, 2020. 

Revised and Approved February 7, 2021