Meditation on Awareness

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A is for Awareness – Meditating on the 5 “A”s

Set your aim as you angle your body into your accustomed meditation position and allow your eyes to close.

Clasp your hands below your navel… AWARE
Cup your hands in front of your heart… ALLOW
Point your hands towards your forehead… ACCEPT
Stretch your hands above your head with palms up… AWAKEN
Sweep your arms to the side of your body coming to rest in your lap… ALIGN Cup your hands below your navel coming full circle and rest in AWARENESS

Allow three breaths to awaken you as you begin to align yourself to accept greater awareness.

Reflecting on the 5 “A”s

Access your preferred mode for reflection: thinking, talking, writing.

  1. How aware are you usually? What are your ways of diminishing awareness? What is your default method and have you added or increased numbing out behaviors during these challenging times?
  2. How allowing are you usually? Do you even see this as something positive? What do you consider unallowable?
  3. How accepting are you usually? Is there a difference between allowing and accepting? Do you have negative associations with acceptance you might release now? Are you more allowing and accepting of yourself or others?
  4. How awake are you usually? Do you long to be asleep and how easy is it for you to waken – literally? What activities do you metaphorically sleep through and why?
  5. How aligned are you usually? Which, if any, of the 5 As is the weak link making you less aligned?

Allow yourself the freedom of doing the 5 Awareness meditation once again. This time, exchange any of the words for ones you are truly aligned with. Awaken to the felt sense of how these calls to awareness can be alive for you now!