Sunday Services

August 3: STEAM: Adding ART to the STEM Subjects

10 AM at the Meeting House (320 Rt. 5 South, Norwich, VT)

Mary Layton will speak about her college experience at Antioch College and Goddard College, and how this led to her employment at Open Fields School, a small alternative elementary school in Thetford, Vermont. She will touch upon the concept of STEAM in the context of integrating academic and experiential education.

August 10: Unexpected Teachers

10 AM at the Meeting House (320 Rt. 5 South, Norwich, VT)

Rev. Patience will lead this service.

August 17: Living a Not Merely Human Life

10 AM at the Meeting House (320 Rt. 5 South, Norwich, VT)

Phil Kern

Some recent wisdom writing from philosopher Thomas Nagel has, to my delight, extended my path of learning in this, now late, passage through life.  Some of you have heard my stories of earlier episodic progress on this path, most recently inspired by the growing recognition among scientists that life, mind, and conscious awareness seem to be inherent characteristics of the universe.  Nagel, too, embraces this idea, then goes beyond it to ask the cosmic question: “How can one bring into one’s individual life a full recognition of one’s relation to the universe as a whole?  Can the development of a naturalistic account of the universe and our appearance in it provide one with a way of seeing the point or sense of our lives from a perspective larger than the human one from which we naturally start?” Let’s consider together some possible answers to this question, which has profound meaning for how one might learn to live a spiritual life without a traditional God, and which has inspired my most recent and current learning adventure on that path.