Upcoming Services

Summer Series

10 AM each Sunday, please join us for lay-led services, simultaneous children’s religious education, and fellowship time

  • July 31: Bess, Paul, and Peter Schmidt: 
    Democratic Decision Making: The Fifth Principle in Action

    We will explore what it means to make decisions democratically.  Is a decision made to see what is the most popular choice, what can the most people accept, or what is a choice that everyone can live with? How we deliberate and decide questions is the foundation of the democratic process and at the core of being UU.        

  • August 7: Simon Dennis
  • August 14: Molly Drummond on restorative justice
  • August 21: Rev. Patience Stoddard
  • August 28: Field Trip to the Barnard, VT UU church
  • September 4: Annual congregational picnic