Upcoming Services

November 29: Leftovers!

10 AM at the Black Senior and Community Center in Hanover (near the Co-op)!   

Please bring your leftovers from Thanksgiving feast! We will set up the space for family-style hymn singing, discussion, and lunch.  This intergenerational gathering will include blessings of thanks and contemplating creativity made possible by leftovers.  We will – probably – conclude by organizing and packing all of our belongings to take to the new Meetinghouse the following weekend, so please bring your larger vehicles if you can!

December 6: Homecoming

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard.

The doors open.  The music begins.

Welcome to the newly renovated and built UUCUV Meetinghouse.  We will bless and celebrate our Farmhouse, Ell, and Sanctuary with intergenerational worship and fellowship.

As we celebrate our thirtieth year, we, the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley, acknowledge that our lives have been transformed, often significantly, by our experiences in this faith community. Whether adults or children, leaders or participants, long-timers or fairly new, we recognize and value the profound and life-changing impact of UUCUV services, programs, and ministry.

Drawing PerspectiveNow we are at a moment of unique opportunity and responsibility with implications that reach far beyond today. We have created a building that will serve our spiritual needs and assures the brightest future for our children and generations to come. There is a place for all those in the Upper Valley seeking a welcoming, liberal faith community.