Upcoming Services

April 19: Natural Economy

10:00 AM– Rev. Patience Stoddard

When we talk of economics we often think of buying and selling man-made goods. However economies depend upon natural resources. What might change if we were to attribute value to that which is given as well as that which is made?

Religious Ed for children during the service.

April 26: A Slight Sound at Morning: The Call of Thoreau

10:00 AM–The Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine

Thoreau’s walking/ writing life of radical spirituality, political bravery, and poetic genius, his lifetime commitment to biodiversity, indeed biocentrism, and his personal lived example remain sources of crucial clarity to many in the environmental movement. Indeed, one wonders how a soul might be sustained in the fight for the planet’s wellbeing without an ongoing dose of Thoreau on a daily basis.

Religious Ed for children during the service.

May 3: Trees of Life

10:00 AM–Rev. Patience Stoddard

From Martin Buber to Annie Dillard, many have felt a deep spiritual kinship with trees. Through readings and poetry we will ponder the Spirit of Trees as well as say goodbye and thank you to the trees that will be cut down to make space for a new Meetinghouse.

 Religious ed for children during the service.