Sunday Services

November 23: It Isn’t About the Turkey

9:30 & 11 AM, with Rev. Patience Stoddard

Over the holidays, many of us will gather with families to celebrate. Ironically for many of us, it may seem that the people who have known the longest know us the least. Through sharing one story about a Thanksgiving dinner, I will share some thoughts about what might help us move toward more authentic connection and communication.

9:30 child care plus Junior Youth lesson exploring Thanksgiving and giving thanks; 11:00 Preschool and primary religious education lessons.

November 30: Miss Twiggley’s Tree

Multigenerational worship and learning facilitated by Sparrow F. Alden, CRE.  We will share a classic children’s story and respond with journaling, discussion, and art.  This tale of social anxiety and compassionate emergency response speaks on many levels to the relationship between society and the individual.  Some response options will be planned for full participation by younger children.