Upcoming Services

February 24: The Generosity of Trust, the Trust of Generosity

10 AM with Rev. Jan Hutslar

What does it mean to be a  people of trust? February’s theme gives us many opportunities to explore ways in which trust plays a part in our spiritual lives.

What is it we put our trust in? And can we trust life and its flow even when everything is falling apart?

For members and friends of UUCUV, this will also be our Stewardship kick-off Sunday.

March 3: The Hero’s Journey: Truth and Myth

10 AM with Sparrow F. Alden, CRE

The Finnish body of myth and legend known as the Kalevala is both a national treasure and universally appealing narrative. Please join Sparrow to explore truth and myth in these tales.

March 3d Exchange: In this month of Journeys, Rev. Jan is going to travel into the farmhouse to get a first-hand experience of our Sunday morning children’s program.  Sparrow will let us know where her studies have led her by sharing the sermon.

March 10: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

10 AM with Rev. Jan Hutslar