Sunday Services

October 19: Befriending the Shadow

9:30 & 11 AM at the Meeting House

Rev. Patience Stoddard

The pioneering psychologist Carl Jung called the part of ourselves which we do not wish to acknowledge “the shadow.” This service will explore ways to recognize and accept that part of ourselves and the important role that can play in improving our relationship with others.

October 26: What Makes You Free? What Makes You Not-Free?

9:30 & 11 AM

Julie Puttgen will be our guest speaker.

This Sunday, you are invited to heart-felt, embodied reflection and dialogue around what makes us free, what makes us not-free, and how the two might overlap.  Local artist, teacher, and Buddhist practitioner, Julie Puttgen returns as our guest speaker.  Her exploration of these two questions grows out of her personal response to a case of injustice and has become the focus of an art installation that will be on exhibit at DHMC this winter.