Upcoming Services

October 22: The Why of Restorative Circles

10 AM ~ led by the Restorative Circles group

Last May, a group of eight from the UUCUV attended an all-weekend training event in the skills and methods of the Restorative Circle method of conflict resolution.  Communities in conflict join in a circle to speak and be heard.  The powerful question “Did I hear you right?” makes this format an exercise in mutual respect and understanding.

The Restorative Circle Facilitators Group, which meets monthly to practice their skills, will lead a service on the history of Restorative Justice, the plan behind the circles, and what we see as a method of conflict resolution which honors the inherent worth and dignity of all persons.

Come hear about multi-partiality and practice reflective listening with us!

Simultaneous children’s religious education

October 29: Invisible Losses

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

We will be having our annual All Souls service on Oct. 30 remembering those whom we have lost.  This year’s brief sermon will be on losses which often go unrecognized, including lost pregnancies and neo-natal loss.

Simultaneous children’s religious education