Sunday Services

November 2: All Souls Day

9:30 & 11 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

From the days of Celts and nordic tribes to the Catholic church of medieval Europe, the beginning of November marked a time when people would commemorate their beloved dead.  In our service November 2nd  we will pause to remember those loved ones who have gone before and the roles they still play in our inner lives.

9:30 child care; 11:00 preschool and primary religious education

November 9: Hello, Who Are You?

9:30 & 11 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

In terms of politics, moral values, and worldview, our society seems to be becoming more and more divided into two camps which view each other with suspicion or downright hostility. What might help us more effectively span this growing divide?

9:30 child care plus Junior Youth lesson on awareness techniques to extend our compassion outward to embrace the universe;11:00 preschool and primary religious education

November 16: Entropy

9:30 & 11 AM with guest speaker Nancy Weis from the Rutland UU congregation.

Our lives are taken up by the endless labor of keeping things from falling into disorder. Everything runs down, falls apart, and eventually stops, even our selves. How can we face this inevitability with grace, spiritual depth, and good humor?

Religious Ed: 9:30 child care; 11:00 preschool and primary religious education, Youth and Junior Youth honored guest Grace Alden will lead a discussion and exploration of personal boundaries.