Upcoming Services

February 18: What’s a Minister to Do?

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard

Some personal reflections on the always amorphous and often paradoxical duties of a parish minister based on my 30 years of working with congregations. I’ll also be sharing thoughts on the beginnings and endings of ministries and the role of congregations in a successful ministry.

Simultaneous children’s religious education

February 25: Unitarianism and Our Partner Church in Northeast India

10 AM with Polly Gould and Claudia Kern

To Nangroi–“Keep Progressing”

UUCUV has been partnered with the Unitarian church in Mukhap, India since August of 2008. Who are these people of the Jaintia Hills of Northeast India? How did there come to be 10,000 Unitarians in this remote corner of the world? How do the villagers of Mukhap live their lives in answer to the call to “Keep on Progressing”? In what ways are our basic spiritual values similar and dissimilar? What is our vision for building deeper and stronger connections with Mukhap in the next ten years? Join us for a fascinating and inspiringglimpse of our fellow Unitarians on the far side of the world.

Simultaneous children’s religious education