Upcoming Services

October 23: Blessing of the Animals

10 AM with Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard and Sparrow F. Alden, CRE.

In studying inspiring people of all faiths, we find wisdom.  Saint Francis of Assisi perceived that the love of God extends to all creatures and considered the sparrows his brothers.  In honor of his October birthday, we will consider his life and works as well as the concept of blessing.

Animals are welcome today: carried animals, photos of animals, or mementos of animals will join us in the sanctuary as we learn how to bless our winged, four-footed, and finned sisters and brothers.  Pets on foot will wait in their cars until the first part of the service concludes, then join us with leashes, leads, or carriers, in the back yard.

Simultaneous children’s religious education:  Children will hear the Spirit Play Story of Saint Francis and re-join the congregation for the animal blessings.

Fellowship and coffee at 11; New Friends and Visitors Circle at 11:45

October 30: All Souls’ Day Service: Lessons of Loss

10 AM with Rev. Patience Stoddard.  Our annual service close to All Souls’ Day is a time when we honor the loved ones who have died this past year (and other years).  There will be a brief sermon on “Lessons of Loss” and an extended period of meditation and a simple ritual of remembrance.  People are welcome to bring a small token representing a person they are remembering should they wish to do so.