Upcoming Services

February 1: Imaging the Divine

9:30 & 11 AM–Rev. Patience Stoddard

For many, the word God often summons the image of an old bearded white man in the sky.  Through poetry, readings from several religious traditions, and our own imaginations, we’ll explore different ways of imaging the Divine that may serve to open new pathways in our spiritual lives.


February 8: Tending the Soul of our Congregation

9:30 & 11 AM–Rev. Patience Stoddard

Who are we as a community? What is our core reason for being? Who are we here to serve? What are we called to become? These are some of the questions posed at the retreat I recently attended. I think these questions are important ones, especially s we move through this process of funding and building a lasting home.   Let’s ponder them together.