Sunday Services

December 21: Light in the Dark of the Year

9:30 & 11 AM

Sparrow F. Alden and Rev. Patience Stoddard

Patience and Sparrow will lead a service for all ages including reflection on the winter solstice and a very special story.


December 24: Christmas Eve Services

4:30 PM    The Christmas Pageant.  Come prepared to don animal ears or halos and to join in the readers’-theater narration and music of the Christmas story.  Pajamas are completely acceptable pageant attire, particularly if they make you look like a lamb.  Will Frank Gould reprise his role as King Herod?  There’s only one way to find out!

The Alden family brings a pot of chili con carne to enjoy after this service, anyone who needs a nice place to bring-their-own dinner or share is more than welcome to join them.  Sparrow and Miss Sheena might just have a little bibliophilic gift for their RE kids.

6:00 PM     Silent Night.  Come for quiet contemplation, come to hear the story of the gospel according to Luke, come to believe in the miraculously ordinary story of a baby.  We will sing, we will pray, we will shine a light in the darkness.


December 28: “Poetry Is Truth In Its Sunday Clothes”

9:30 & 11 AM

Claudia Kern

In this mid-winter pause between holiday and year’s end, we come together sharing poetry that points to the truth of our own experiences.  Please bring a favorite poem or two to read or have read and, if you wish, a brief reflection on why your chosen poem speaks to you.   Together, we will read, listen, sing, and gently turn ourselves toward the new year.