Going Virtual


My Dear Community,

We are going virtual!

To do our part slowing the spread of the virus so that the health care system can handle what may come, we have decided:

  • Until further notice, we will not be meeting in person for worship or any other gatherings.
  • We are planning to offer virtual Sunday worship and other creative on-line alternatives to stay connected to each other and our faith. We will post here how to connect with us as soon as it is set up.
  • We are setting up a way for our congregation to reach out to one another in an organized manner to ensure that everyone has connection and support. 
  • The Book and Music Sale has been postponed to September 26.

I invite a balance between thoughtful, practical preparedness and sensitivity to the most vulnerable among us with a practice of soul care.

This moment demands much of us. We need to find the spark of life within us and do what is needed to keep it alive.  In the face of news and updates and non-trustworthy authorities, in the midst of all the fear of the unknown, we need this alive, healthy, deeply-connected-to-all place to return to that centers, calibrates, nourishes and aligns us to that which is real and true and life-giving.

This is our work. Take the quiet time, the music time, the laughing time, the prayerful time to find your light. And shine it. The world needs it. We need it.

Just as we have responded with courage and care to the crises and tragedies and setbacks of the past, we will again. 

With many blessings and prayers,


minister@uucuv.org and (315) 714-9287