Moving Meditation: Embodied Serenity Prayer


Embodied Serenity Prayer

Sit comfortably, cross legged or with feet on the floor, letting your eyes close and shoulders relax. 

  1. Fold your hands now in your lap and let your awareness drop to your belly, feeling any worry, sadness, fear, anger. 

Breathing deeply with long exhales, ask yourself:

  • “How at peace – filled with serenity and acceptance – am I?”
  • “What specifically – here and now – is distressing me?”
  • “Can I allow this situation to be as it is?”
  1. Let your hands now rise up to your heart in prayer position, feeling the fire of commitment to change. 

Breathing deeply with long inhales, ask yourself:

  • “What is my courageous heart called to change?”
  • “What one thing can I commit to – here and now?”
  • “What qualities in myself do I now invoke?”
  1. Let your arms now ascend over your head, palms facing each other, feeling the light of higher wisdom streaming down into your being. Quietly, let the inner knowing sort what must settle into the realm of acceptance and what is to be lifted into the arena of action.
  1. Let your arms now gently fall forward, elbows bent and palms up, feeling the surrender of your intent to the universe. Wisely, let go of attachment to outcome.
  1. Let your hands now drop to your lap, cradle them gently and sit a moment longer, knowing peace, feeling serenity. When you are ready, take three conscious breaths and open your eyes. Welcome to a new world.

Laura Moberg, DRE