Infinity Symbol Moving Meditation

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With Laura Moberg, DRE

Join me in this week’s meditation weaving the infinity symbol into your energy field, becoming more centered and balanced and ultimately, integrated.

Settle in, sitting comfortably cross legged, or with feet firmly on the ground. Clasp hands together, press palms down toward your lap, then let little fingers touch each other and thumbs also connect.

Hara – Heart – Head

Allow your awareness drop to your foundation in your belly, your hara center.

Sweeping elbows out to each side, let your downward facing palms trace the figure 8 – theinfinity symbol.

Start with breathing out when moving elbow to the left and then breathing in when sweepingthe other elbow to the right.

Note that however far out to the right or left you flow with your two elbows, your unified handsalways return to the center balance point.

Let your hands rise to your heart center, palms now stretched outward, continue to trace theinfinity symbol here.

Feel how you are opening to the sacred feminine on the left and the sacred masculine on theright.

Enjoy the integration and smooth connection of both energies in your one heart.

Let your hands float above your head, palms reaching upwards and continue sweeping thefigure 8 above your crown.

Firmly grounded below, with open heart, weave in connection from above.

Now start the descent, letting your hands slowly weave in front of you back to the originalposition.

From Empty to Full and Back

Exhale long and well as you trace the infinity level with palms down towards your lap.

Inhale slowly as you begin the ascent, taking little sips of air as you reach your crown.

Hold your full breath as long as comfortable before beginning the decent.

Exhale slowly as your hands weave the infinity symbol until returning to your belly level.

Hold your empty breath as long as comfortable until allowing a gentle in breath.

Subtle Rise and Fall

For this last round, let go of thinking of the breath and let the Spirit of Life breath through you.

Delight as the power of the breath lifts your hands up above your crown then floats them downagain.

Press your palms to your belly each time you breathe in. Do this three times to secure theintegrated energy in your foundational energy center. At the sound of the gong, take three conscious breaths then gently open your eyes. Go forth, more fully balanced and integrated.