“S” Meditation

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Settle in and sit securely, squiggle until still.

Slide your eyes close, breathe smoothly.

Hands slide to your lap, clasped softly:

“Soft…..Secure…..BODY- BE STILL”

Hands rise to your heart, cupped gently:

“Surround…..Soothe…..HEART – BE SILENT”

Hands stretch above your head, slanted upwards:

Simple…..Surrender…..MIND – BE SPACIOUS”

Hands sink to your lap, palms towards your belly:


Slowly, take three breaths, sounding “Aaaahhh” on the exhalation.

Surely, open your eyes and feel the connection to your soul.


  • Snatch your journal and scribble down all the S words you can stream spontaneously. 
  • Sort them by into lists of seemingly good and bad. 
  • Sense what negative qualities are shadow sides of a positive quality. 
  • Select one specific opposing pair to transform and release the outcome to Source.