Winter Landscapes and Poetry


Art and poetry by member Claudia Kern After a Wet Snow Gray dawn light. Outside my window  the whole world is lace.  Upon each stark  twig,  needle, and  branch, white filigree. Nothing is spared,  not one bud. If I were … Read More

Learn Tapping Points

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Jump in and join us EFT/Tapping for Wednesday morning SE / Spiritual Exploration! Or just learn the points for ‘Mindful Acupressure’ showed in the video which you can do at home for physiological and psychological balancing.  We start gathering at … Read More

Meditation: Sanctuary

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Find your sanctuary space in today’s guided meditation. Learn the technique that invites your intuition and imagination to come into play. Bring all your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) online as you develop your creative abilities.  Being able … Read More